Welcome to the world of Elulia


I’m mad about silk. Having been in the industry for 14 years I’ve learned a thing or two about how to dye, print and look after silk; I guess you can say I am a silk specialist but prior to that I have 22 years industry experience as a business product manager for a fashion brand in Manchester. A designer most likened to Jean Muir but sadly no longer with us . 


Is it a scarf or is it a kimono? I think it’s both.. When you need something uncomplicated to wear and you don’t need bulky, heavy or woolly hot cloth close to your skin and more importantly you want to look good, the skimono is the perfect item. You can roll the skimono quite small and place it in your handbag for those on the go days. If you worry the tops or your arms are not a good as they used to be and you have a vast wardrobe driven by days gone by, don’t despair you can still wear those lovely items with this simple addition. I chose to make the skimono in silk because of it's heat conducting properties, no need to worry about those pesky flushes , we have got it covered. Elulia can give you choices, It’s pure and simple plain dye collection or something for all seasons,printed collection …you decide.


Yes it is but how often will you wear it. Holidays, weddings, special occasions like garden parties, birthdays, Christmas or even just at home or in the office. This isn’t a mass produced fast fashion disposable item, the devil is in the detail. It takes thousands of silk cocoons to weave a metre of fabric. It takes a skilled person to dye or print the cloth and it takes a trained eye to manufacture such a beautiful product and it’s made here in the Uk. It’s a valuable item and one that you will have a long time if you take care of it. Read more about silk in the blog.